Creole is my dance that vibrates and ignites my senses that encompass our history, our thoughts, our forms and colors of life in harmony with diversity. My paintings become molecular - spatial. A link between the infinitely small and the infinitely large connect, as if to situate or bring the human dimension back to its true reality in the cosmos. The understanding must evolve - to detach itself from the human and redesign itself on the scale of Mother Nature... This work of tasks and vaporization aims at that, to destructure.

I arrive at this song of the Universe that vibrates on all things - interior and exterior. I deconstruct the forms, thus drawing a mental alchemy, which operates a calcification, like a molecular song which makes us hear, perceive, the "noise or sound" of the Universe, the only real link, inexpressible but painting is quantum. The rest is just a hyphen to connect my humanity.