What path for humanity? The reality of this global pandemic marches the path of the illusion of life, for some it underlines its magnitude. Witnessing our own reflections of life/living, we have the opportunity to discern the visible/invisible as it relates to our own existence. Fragile for man/woman in appearance or not, we are little at the end of the scale of nature, which regulates itself.

The movement of shapes, colors and words, provides another point of view. If we make the time and space to elevate in understanding our connection, we can heal ourselves and our Mother Earth by adopting the harmony of diversity. Within our being, we will learn to see, to hear, to touch, to smell and to taste the richness of our world. A deeper understanding of knowing that the small acts are just as important, will radiant a new horizon of reflections in knowing that the All is already there.

My work during the confinement of the global pandemic, leaves traces of memory and identity. It proposes that you look, where the more/less fortuitous specks are redefined in space and constantly form the look and perception in the image of Our Mother Nature and our relationship with her. What a path, what after-effects. The story that is being conveyed, can be approached from the various fractions of space. The dynamics of our existence and the Nature we are to preserve, can trigger our interconnected journey.
It will enable us with the ability to create and maintain our link - the Source, is always CulmiNation.