After putting in incidence of juxtaposed canvases, to form what I called paving stones, I desired to rediscover the continuity of gaze and points of view. Aspired/inspired by working in this manner, as to have a reflection of my inner being in my expression of how I felt the Caribbean gaze…to live the dance of the island. With this vision of multiple axes, both anchored within its being but also in the legitimacy of colonial slavery history and colonial post, the exchange of points of view also turns towards the illusion of multiple horizons. Thus, all my works pivot to offer four to eight directions of readings/viewing/perception/perspectives. It is added given a vision in levitation which moves direction ceaselessly the axis of glance, eliminating the window rebirth.

Then came the COVID marker of my work that I introduced the pulverizations which brought a particular print leaving traces of memory and identity. Arriving now, this will/spirit to make and to build a reverse glance from where the canvases recto verso.

We live in the visible materiality. However, we are spiritual vibrations. Here, now, I pose the question of the nonvisible in a more visible way.
I sketch with this idea – the digitized life.